Civilian lighting is the largest market

LED lighting, as an important product of energy saving and environmental protection, has been popularized and penetrated into the rural market. With the gradual improvement of rural residents' living standards, their demand for new products is also rising. It can be imagined that this is how attractive a big cake for the emerging industry. How to make LED benefit the people?

1, from the perspective of enterprises, to develop products targeted, strengthen brand publicity, service to be more in place. Rural consumers are usually more "face, picture good", and "quality assurance, safety" is also their appeal point. Because of this, rural consumers are more "superstitious" brands. Therefore, enterprises in the countryside should be targeted when establishing channels, and must be in line with farmers' consumption habits.

In terms of brand publicity, including wall advertising and store recruitment (through the city, county, town of important national roads, provincial roads on both sides of the house; Village entrances, village committees, grocery stores, etc.), cross-street banners and broadcast loudspeakers, film placement in the countryside, caravan direct sales, etc., are all effective means of advertising communication.

2, agents should have a target, the energy balanced distribution, cultivate the rural market. Local agents are the core force to directly promote the development of the local market, if the agent for its distribution network ignore, or "inaction", then the distribution network can not be the general agent "production", in this way, it will form a vicious circle. The distribution points of the third and fourth levels can not be ignored. Therefore, agents should pay more attention to distributors, from the logistics, publicity, service and other aspects of efforts.

3, dealers should break down, gather consumers, timely spread brand reputation. Local dealers should be the people who know the local consumers best, and they can gather the contractors, construction workers, and decoration workers of various districts and villages to help them recommend products and give them a certain percentage. On the other hand, one-to-one service, which is not difficult for rural areas.

Although the current civilian market in the use of LED, there are still many drawbacks. However, Xiaobian believes that "government support" + "market supervision in place" + "healthy competition of enterprises", under the three-wheel drive, the popularization of the LED civilian market is just around the corner.