LED lighting is about to be popularized in the civilian market

At The State Council energy Conservation, emission reduction and climate change work Conference, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that hard measures must be used to complete the hard task of energy conservation and emission reduction. From Premier Li Keqiang's remarks, we can see that the government will give strong support to energy conservation and emission reduction in the future. Maite Photoelectric believes that LED as an emerging energy-saving industry, the future will likely take hard measures to increase efforts to promote the popularization of the industry. For us in the industry, what about the LED industry in the form of big policies? What about the direction of industry development? ... In this regard, Shenzhen Maite Optoelectronics analyzed some views on these problems for the reference of the industry.

Layout: Forming a relatively complete industrial chain

Since the beginning of the year, the global LED industry chain company stock prices have risen significantly, while A-share related enterprises are lagging behind, in view of the market underestimated the upward elasticity of the home lighting industry after the outbreak of LEDOFweek semiconductor lighting network industry, short-term correction will usher in the golden opportunity for industrial layout.

Behind the meeting of "Energy saving and emission reduction" : LED lighting is popular in the civilian market

LED industry upstream is mainly epitaxial production and chip manufacturing. The upstream link has high technical content in the LED industry chain, and the amount of equipment investment is large, while the profit margin is relatively high in the overall industry chain. 2014 will be the chip industry gross margin improvement stage. In the second quarter of 2013, the balance of effective supply and demand capacity of chips has been basically reached, and the chip prices have basically stabilized in the third and fourth quarters, and the price fell by about 10% in the whole third and fourth quarters. Chip prices are expected to fall by more than a dozen points this year, and there may be structural shortages in the second quarter. In the choice of targets, it is recommended to pay attention to those leading enterprises that have long-term accumulation in the led industry, and have cost, scale advantages and upstream and downstream integration capabilities.

The more direct benefit is the midstream packaging enterprises. From 2014 to next year is the packaging industry integration stage, many small and medium-sized companies will withdraw from the market, after the completion of the integration of the packaging landscape will be more clear and stable. From the already announced performance forecast, many packaging companies have achieved good growth in the fourth quarter of 2013, and this trend will continue in 2014. Data show that in 2013, the scale of China's packaging industry 47.3 billion yuan, an increase of 19%, is expected to reach about 60 billion yuan in 2015.

On the downstream side, light sources are the areas that may eventually be made the biggest in the future. So far, the domestic has not formed a strong brand of LED lamps, the basic domestic enterprises with traditional channel advantages are almost the same starting line, so the future in technology, product control, management advantages of the enterprise will gradually get the opportunity; Secondly, the traditional channels still have a very large advantage, but the Internet channel will play a more important role, this year's downstream point is that the light source enterprises will greatly invest in the brand, in addition, it will increase investment in Internet e-commerce. Among them, the traditional lighting manufacturers that have occupied the commanding heights of brands and channels in the field of energy-saving lamps are expected to take the lead in the future competition and make comprehensive efforts.