China's LED lighting market is gradually expanding

"Light bulb" used to be something we were all very familiar with, and every night, every household lit up with yellow lights, that is, incandescent lamps. However, with the frequent ban on incandescent lamps in the country, incandescent lamps will enter history, replaced by LED bulb lamps.

10W bulb light

Today, when I go to the lighting store and ask the boss if there is an incandescent lamp to sell, most of them have stopped selling incandescent lamps above 60 watts. Some even stopped selling them last year. Generally 40 watt or 50 watt incandescent lamp as long as 5 yuan a, and LED lights to 20-30 yuan a, but there are still many consumers to buy LED lights, because most consumers feel that incandescent lamps have become outdated, and buy LED lights has become a fashion and habit.

At present, the output of incandescent lamps has been reduced by 90%, while the output of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps has just accounted for 80%, therefore, many traditional lamp manufacturers have turned to LED lamp manufacturers, and switched to the production of LED lamps, so the output and sales of LED lamps will be greatly increased. And the price is also gradually declining, such as LED bulb in a year, the price fell by 23%.

But incandescent lamp is not to complete the exit from the market, no longer produced, it is not. At present, the incandescent number of small wattages is still continuing to sell, such as 15W, 25W and other incandescent lamps, and there is a certain market, in addition, for decorative bulbs, there is also a certain market, because the color of LED lights is relatively simple, can not do the brilliant effect of lights. Therefore, incandescent lamps can not be completely out of the lighting market, of course, the LED lamp market is gradually expanding, will occupy a large number of market share, LED ceiling lights, LED bulb lights, LED lanterns and other hot products.